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Get Those Clicking Fingers Ready, It’s Poll Time!!

There are three polls going on right now that involve Sterek. All of them can be voted for as much as you want, so get ready, get set and go go go! (please please please, no bots!)

The first actually involves yours truly, the Sterek Campaign, as well as all of you who helped make our charity auction events over the past two years such a success! We’re up for Fandom Feat of the Year in the MTVU Fandom Awards! 

The second is also a part of the MTVU Fandom Awards, but this one is just for Sterek, the amazing ship that has brought us all together. Vote Sterek for Ship of the Year!

Both MTVU Fandom Awards Polls end TONIGHT at 9pm EST, so there’s just over 4 hours left!!!

The final poll is one that we as a fandom are very, very familiar with! The BackLot Ultimate Slash Madness Tourney is back and once again Sterek is in the running for the crown. We won this tournament during the heyday of Sterek back in 2012 and came in second to Destiel last year. Remember, this tournament was started because of Sterek. Think we can reclaim our title? We do! Just head on over to the Slash Madness Tourney and vote vote vote!

The first round ends Friday night (July 25th) at midnight EST!

Free Books? In MY fandom?


It’s more likely than you think.

Day 3 of the raffle, and for those just tuning in it means this:

  1. I am publishing a book, The Bones Of You, on Nov. 18, 2014. How would you like to win a FREE DMR-free multi-format eBook of it before anyone else gets their mitts on it?
  2. That means an eBook version in pdf, mobi, ePub, etc. Yours. For the low, low cost of clicking and entering this raffle.
  3. But Laura, you say, what the hell does that have to do with fandom? Uh… How about the fact that my roots are fandom-based? That do anything for ya? …no? No, that is actually meaningless to you and your life?
  4. Then how about the fact that I bought 10 Sterek Books (sfw, honoring the amazing artists of the Sterek/TW fandom) to a) give to the amazing charity the funds went to, and b) to give those of you who didn’t have a chance to buy one yourself another chance at having a copy. HOW ‘BOUT THEM APPLES?
  5. To win one of those, you have until midnight EST July 21rst to REBLOG THIS LINKED POST with the tag #Sterek Book (No reblog, no tag, no entry!) up to FIVE TIMES A DAY. (Note: you are NOT reblogging what you are reading right now. You are reblogging the LINK JUST A FEW WORDS BACK.)

I’m not saying that people who enter BOTH raffles are more likely to win, but you are DEFINITELY more likely to win my heart. :D

…that’s not an actual prize? No one…no one is interested in that? Okay. Ouch. Wow. No, no, that’s fine, it just hurts to hear, but I get it, okay? I get it. 

If you want to learn more, there was THIS POST filled with kuh-now-ledge what I dropped. <— actual professional writer-speak. You can also follow my Twitter and use #IP24 to ask any questions — or hit my ASK here!

Winners will be announced on July 22nd. The closer we get, I’ll let you in on how to get that info. Go forth and reblog, my lovelies! <3 <3 <3

Something Amazing Happened Today

This morning, our admins received an email from none other than Eaddy Mays

She had heard about the charity we recently held to support the Ali Forney Center and wanted to thank us for bringing her attention to the group, as she has been very involved in working to combat youth homelessness. Not only did she want to acknowledge the work we’ve done in the fandom, but she also wanted to let us know that she donated to the center! Each and every donation helps this amazing organization keep LGBTQ teens off the streets, so we couldn’t be more grateful!

Eaddy also asked where she could get a copy of the Sterek Book! Of course, we replied that we’ll be sending her a copy as a gift, because I think we can all agree there is no one more worthy of adoration and the showering of gifts than her - not just for this, but also for her continued support of the Teen Wolf fandom over the years. Actors like Eaddy make us proud to be fans <3

We just wanted to share this moment with all of you, as Eaddy has proven once again to be a shining beacon of light in the darkness. 

If you would still like to donate to the Ali Forney Center and help their cause, you can do so on their donation page!

Will you still be live streaming for season 4?

Like we already said at the end of Season 3B, we won’t be streaming season 4.

But here’s a post with links to available streams you can use to watch the premiere tonight.

Wow, what a ride! For such a short hiatus, we really have accomplished a lot! Let’s recap.

  • First we proved how truly global the love for Sterek is when we posted our Sterek Fan Map and it received more than 4,000 markers from fans all over the world! We’re not closing the map, so fans can keep adding their mark and spreading the Sterek love!
  • Next we started up our Sterek Fic Club. Since it started, the number of Sterek works on AO3 has gone from 24,031 to 26,030!! We also received a total of 326 fic recs across 12 different themes! Check them all out here.
  • Then we launched our Graphics Battles! We wanted to fill up our tags with all of the amazing Sterek creations and wow, we definitely succeeded. Throughout our battles, a total of 226 new Sterek graphics were posted! You can find them all here!
  • After that, we started our Fandom Showcase, interviewing and promoting several creators each week - writers, artists, editors, and crafters! Check out all of the creators here! And remember, we’ll be continuing this showcase to bring you even more of your suggested creators!
  • We spent a couple weekends glued to our computer screens, watching the Sterek story play out before our eyes. Our Sterek Rewatch received over 2,000 views each night and made us laugh, cry, and come together to remember why we fell for the Stiles and Derek relationship. Click here for an updated list of all the fanvideos that were streamed during it.
  • Next, we made a difference. The Sterek Book went on sale and we sold 341 copies, raising $1,000 for charity. The money will be donated to a safehouse for homeless LGBTQ teens in New York. The Ali Forney Center helps these kids every day and we are proud to support them.
  • And finally, we rounded out our Hiatus Project with the #SterekLove twitter trend event! We watched some of our favorite Sterek fanmade videos and tweeted our way to trending with feels, fics and fun!

We want to thank each and every fan that took part in any of our projects. You made this project what it was and we appreciate all that you have done to support Sterek passion. Hold on to that going into Season 4 and remember that we’re always here for you!

We want to thank everyone who tweeted with us some #SterekLove and made it trend in the US. You guys are incredible!

This is the best way to say goodbye to our Hiatus Project, thank you for staying with us during the last seven weeks! Keep spreading the #SterekLove during season 4. Read fic, enjoy fanart, support other fans and just enjoy your ship :) 

We’ll publish a last post tomorrow with a summary of everything we accomplished together in this Hiatus Project as our way to show our eternal love for this fandom!


Our #SterekLove trend event is here, so get on over to twitter and tweet!

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If we start to trend anywhere, grab a screenshot for us and tweet it to @SterekCampaign! The goal is to trend Worldwide so be sure to follow the account for updates on how we’re doing!

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30 minutes and counting! Let’s show our #SterekLove to the world by trending worldwide!

Not sure what to tweet about? Tell us about your favorite fanfics, all of them. Tweet about your favorite canon scenes. Talk about what makes Sterek such an irresistible ship for you. Let the world know all about your favorite Sterek headcanons, those that happen between the scenes or maybe even in the future! Get saucy and share your favorite PWP! Anything and everything that shows your #SterekLove!

Don’t forget to drop by our channel! At 5pm, begin showing Sterek fanvids back-to-back HERE to help get those creative juices flowing and give you all plenty to tweet about!

If you notice at any time during the event that the tag is trending, either locally where you are or worldwide, be sure to snap a screenshot and tweet it to us at @SterekCampaign!

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In two hours we’ll be hosting our #SterekLove twitter trend event to end our Hiatus Project with a bang! The event will begin in two hours at 5pm EST and last for one hour. The goal is to trend worldwide, so we need everyone to tweet! Our Sterek Map has more than 4 thousand markers from all of you, so we know you’re out there, all over the world!

As mentioned earlier, we are going to be running a surprise live-stream during the event! We’ll be showing an hour full of Sterek feels by many of the editors in the fandom. At 5pm, head on over to our channel to share in the feels and get some great tweet inspirations!

If you can’t make it to the event and have TweetDeck, you can schedule tweets with the #SterekLove tag to post throughout the hour :)

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Just six hours to go before our #SterekLove twitter trend event! Set your clocks and get ready to tweet about Sterek, your fav fics, art, videos, fav fandom memory, fav Sterek moments, and all the reasons you love the ship!

If you have TweetDeck and aren’t able to be around for the event, you can schedule tweets with the #SterekLove tag to post during the event and help us to trend!

We also have a surprise for you all! We’ve decided to stream Sterek fanvid during the trend event! Starting at 5pm, head on over to our channel and we’ll be screening an hour of the best Sterek fanvids as a way to boost spirit and give everyone plenty to tweet about!

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