Participate in our first STEREK WEEK
(25th - 31st August)

Well, fandom, you done good.

 Today we met with Canton’s Back Home Bakery at the UPS shipping store to see the 680 cookies you folks ordered on their way. They handed us back our camera with the photos they had taken, and let us take a peek inside one of the bakery boxes to see how the cookies all turned out.

The cookies themselves were beautiful. Each of the printed face cookies was individually wrapped and placed in its matching box, the name of the corresponding cast member scripted in gorgeous handwriting on the top. The Sterek Campaign and “Thanks from the Sterek Fandom” stickers were placed on either side of the lip of the box. Inside, on the roof of each box, was secured a personalized thank you note, written by the SC admins.

 The bakery arrived toting the 28 boxes full of 2 dozen cookies each, and one extra box with four sealed, printed face cookies of our fallen friends (and enemies). The bakery boxes were divided into two shipping boxes. The first was a large, 80lb box of pure cookies and a thank you card to Jeff. The second contained 4 boxes of unlabeled cookies, the #HowlsforSterek real postcard envelope, and a special, secret present from the SC to Jeff to help him enjoy the cookies. We’ll post a picture of that gift when we hear the packages have arrived safely!

So, all in all, it was a GREAT day for us! The cookies will be arriving early Tuesday and getting to Jeff most likely the same day. There will be enough for everyone to share, and enjoy. We made sure to send the cookies off with a great big hug full of all the love the Sterek fandom has to offer to Jeff and the cast and crew. Farewell, cookies, and safe journey!

 In case anyone was wondering about how tasty these cookies are going to be… well. The post office workers had received a “test” box of cookies last week to prepare the shipping estimate for everything, which the bakery told them to ENJOY! When we arrived early and told them we were there for the cookies shipment, they went WILD exclaiming how delicious the cookies were and that who-ever was receiving this package was a lucky dog.

We told them, a lucky wolf.

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