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As you may know, through the months of December 2012 and January 2013, the Sterek Campaign (SC) pulled together the Wolf Pack Charity Project for the Teen Wolf fandom. We gave you guys an opportunity to hook up with Wolf Haven International (WHI) and donate to them for the care of the wolves living at their sanctuary.

Our original goal was to reach $5,000 between direct donations and donations made through the SC auction events. You guys completely blew that goal out of the water, doubling it for an astounding $10,000 donated in the name of our show’s creator, Jeff Davis. Fandom adopted all 43 wolves and 5 wolf-dogs at the sanctuary; their entire pack, adopted by our entire pack.

This sort of amazing generosity definitely deserves remembering, so we at the SC worked with the wonderful volunteers at WHI to have something created just for you.

We asked for this set of pavers to be engraved especially for the fandom (and for Jeff), as a thank you, as a mark. You guys did something completely awesome and now, should you ever visit the sanctuary you helped to support, you can place a paw over your paving stone, and remember that you belong to a fantastic, loving pack.

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